Security Certificates

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SSL certificates rise on the higher level security of the website. Through the SSL certificate, communication of a web browser with the web server is encrypted, and it provides the website visitor/user the highest level of safety and security on your website.

Where are SSL certificates used?
SSL certificates are used when entering sensitive data (such as a credit card number) in web shops. SSL certificates are perfect to protect the administrator interface in your web applications as well as everywhere you need increased security of data flow.

Which SSL certificate should I choose?
For internal needs and websites that don’t need credibility validation, choose the cheapest certificate with a DV mark (Domain Validation). This type of SSL certificate has the lowest level of trust, is the cheapest and is issued easily and quickly. In this case, a certification house will only check the ownership of a domain for which the certificate is ordered. If you work with credit cards or other very important and valuable data, go for the EV certificate (Extended Validation). When issuing this certificate, a certification house will perform an entire background check for the company requesting the certificate. The certificate client will sign a special contract to accept conditions, a telephone check will be performed to verify that company exists, a court register will also be checked for the company, as well as some additional verification. Besides the fact that this certificate provides info about the organization that issued it, an additional level of security is evident from the green bar of an address bar in a web browser. If you need to protect an unlimited number of sub-domains (besides protecting the domain), then you should go for the Wildcard certificate.

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