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Don't have a website? No problem. Get on-line with a vCard and your own Domain Name.

A minisite is a website by which you offer information about your business in short form. A minisite offers contact information, social media links, about us informtion, logos and company slogans. A minisite may also refer to a single-page website through which the operator aims to sell one particular product rather than present a company's product portfolio. Unlike traditional websites, minisites usually consist of a single page website that utilizes a direct response marketing approach to sell its single product. Such products are often digital products that can be sold in a number of electronic formats such as PDF eBooks, interactive web videos, software, audio, podcasts, membership subscriptions or an online eCourse. However, it is also not uncommon for a minisite to sell a physical product.

Here is what we offer.
  Creation of vCard website
  Links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. included
  Visitor statistics

Minisites are popular marketing vehicles, as marketers are attracted by the ease and speed of creating a minisite to sell their digital goods or information, which in turn allows them to run their own part-time online business.
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